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Phoebe Braves The Shave!

In memory of Martin Gough, Phoebe Knight has decide to raise money for Macmillan by shaving off all her hair.
As well as being a part-time member of MKS (on viola), Martin was the father of Phoebe’s best friend since early childhood and was like a second father to Phoebe.
If you would like to help Phoebe raise money for this charity, please donate using this link.


We have signed the MK Sinfonia up on the Easy Fundraising website. Each time we do a search we raise money for the orchestra at NO cost to us. Seems too simple? Well have a look and see what you think.

Go to You need to register as a user and signup with MK Sinfonia...nothing easier! Set your search page to Easysearch and start earning us money.......

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