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Chamber Music List

Chamber groups for Wind Ensembles etc.

Many adult musicians find it difficult to find people interested in joining up to form a String Quartet, Wind Ensemble etc. Social contact with other players, such as through University or College groups is one way to meet up but this may not be possible for many.

For wind groups, we now have a point of contact based in Northampton kindly provided by Alternatively or for further details please visit his page Reynard Music, which also includes links to chamber groups.

Regrettably the strings list below is no longer available. If any one would like to start a similar facility and post details here, please contact one of the committee to discuss further.
A Directory was previously available for members and non-members who would like to get in touch with those who share their interest in Chamber Music.
The Directory was only available via email and contains details of Instrument, Standard, and Musical Interests.
An email address should be given, telephone numbers can also be added. Only members of the list should have access to the Directory.

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